About Us

A Brief Description of Myself

I am an Information Technology professional, a Digital marketer, Web application architect and webmaster these are a few roles that i take care of. I have   around 20 years + of experience . I have consulted many SME on digitalization and have supported them end to end to establish their IT infrastructure and solutions. I manage the day-to-day flow of information With a focus on database management, my job ensures critical computer systems, web server’s etc. remain functional and never fail. I along with my team  stay updated on the latest trends in information security to not only keep the organization safe but also be on the cutting edge.

My other areas interests are Electronics, Photography and traveling amongst various other that he follows with passion.

Digital Marketing

Almost 10 Years of Digital Marketing Experience

Cloud Administration

5 Plus Years in handling Web Server Security

Cyber Security

A Security Analyst and a Speaker